Drive System


Dynamic & silent

  1. Very quiet and low vibrations: Fully enjoy biking without any disturbing running noises
  2. Direct power transmission: Highest driving fun due to direct and lively road behaviour
  3. Low-maintenance technology: No transmission wear and tear, contact-less sensor technology
  4. Efficient drive: Highly efficient motor with energy recovery for increased reach

Technical data

Rated output 250 Watt (650 Watt)
Operating voltage 36 Volt
Peak torque 40 Nm - A rear motor is compared to mid-mounted motors considerably more agile
Efficiency 80 % (incl. electronics)
Weight 4.36 kg (only drive incl. plug and cable, without brake disc, free wheel, cassette)

Technologies Motor



    The directly driven hub motor with high performance magnets reaches a very high torque of up to 40 Nm due to its intelligent construction. The motor reaches up to 650 Watt maximum power at its peak. Up to 80 % efficiency at the ideal operating point.

    The neodrives drive operates without any noise and offers the option for agile bursts of speed due to fast acceleration from a standing position.



    The power sensor is rotationally symmetrical integrated in the drive motor and determines the induced pedal force precisely. The motor amplifies the pedal force using an algorithm that ensures a natural, bicycle like road behaviour. The system very temperature stable thanks to the spring bearing (instead of elastomer). Manufacturers of mid-mounted engines often state significantly higher torque values. The rear engine running directly in the rear wheel offers despite a nominally lower torque an at least equivalent power development.

    Harmonic power development of the motor. Agile but natural road behaviour of the pedelec.



    A highly precise optical sensor, whose use in the ebike/pedelec segment is totally novel, is used for control and regulation of the drive. With a fine resolution of 2,580 signal points per rotation the sensor provides highly precise control of the drive. This results in a very high efficiency and a dynamic road behaviour.

    Harmonic power development of the motor. Agile but natural road behaviour of the ebikes.



    Torque measurement is not performed via the determination of the axis bending as is used for many other drive systems. The use of standard axle trailers is therefore possible without compromising functional safety.

    The neodrives driver has higher flexibility in the choice of the trailer coupling. Trailers purchased in the past may be used with this system.


Easy control

Comprehensive technology, intuitive control: The smart MMI - Men Machine Interface - simplifies the control of the pedelec and offers a number of safety, service and bicycle computer functions.The new color display provides a modern look. Combined with a scratch free display screen and the new robust housing, the MMI provides high quality and functional safety. With its clear structure of the driving information, the user interface offers significantly improved clarity. With Easy-Display you can reduce the display to essential information.

Technologies sMMi

  • Biycle Computer Functions


    The smart MMI provides diverse bicycle computer and service functions. The user does not need to purchase a separate bicycle computer for additional information.

    The most important functions are:
    Display of remaining range, battery, current power consumption, covered trip distance, total kilometers, average trip speed, trip time, alarm and service functions (maintenance, error).

  • Brake assistant


    If the braking assistant is activated, it automatically holds the user-set maximum speed, just like cruise control, if the slope allows for it. At the same time energy is fed back to the battery, increasing the range.

    More safety and comfort downhill. No constant adjustment of the recuperation level necessary. The battery is recharged without the user having to activate recuperation.

  • Pushing aid


    The neodrives pushing aid may be activated using the remote control at the handlebar.

    The pushing aid makes pushing the pedelec easier. A feature providing comfort for all user groups - especially at steep passages and/or with high load.

  • TFT Display


    High resolution with 240 x 320 image points, high quality processing. The display contains a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the TFT background light based on the given light conditions.

    The high-quality TFT display is used for the first time in a pedelec drive and provides, thanks to the automatic background light, good readability in any light condition. The TFT display provides more information in a more compact space with better clarity due to the clear structure.


Comfortable handling

The new remote control makes the control of the system markedly more comfortable:

  1. Larger buttons for improved user ergonomics
  2. Reliable operation even with gloves
  3. Full tactile feedback
  4. Mounting on the left or right


The new design

  1. Elegant, sleek design for a beautiful overall appearance.
  2. High capacity possible, up to 522 Wh
  3. Endurance and design: The battery provides a convincing range of 115 km and ideal integration.


Dynamics - Full speed ahead

Rear motors provide an enormous acceleration from Zero and motor smoothness. It feels like a regular bicycle - just with tailwind!

Power - where you need it

Power is transmitted directly to the back wheel. No power is lost via the chain or pinions. Wear and tear is significantly lower than for a mid-mounted motor.

Outrageously quiet - Enjoy nature at its best

The neodrives drive makes almost no noise due to the gearless and brushless construction. This way you may enjoy nature’s sound effects without any disturbing buzzing in the background.

Recuperation - Benefits for the range

Generate energy downhill. Recuperation allows generating energy and feeding it back into the battery. Here the drive plays the role of a dynamo.

Made in Germany

A large part of the components of the neodrives drives originate from within a distance of 75 km from Albstadt-Tailfingen. This allows us to offer our customers and partners reliable and high workmanship, durability and fast turnaround for service cases due to short workshop times.