Smart Connect App


The information center for my pedelec - very simple

  1. Free download of the App in the Google Play Store or the App Store - Just search for “neodrives smartConnect” to find the App
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your Smartphone - connection to the sMMI Connect will be established after initial pairing
  3. Very clear menu
  4. Intuitive and easy to use even with little Smartphone knowledge
  5. For Android Smartphones: Only compatible with Android OS version 4.0 or higher and Internet capability
  6. Please make sure to always update to the latest software on your Smartphone and your sMMI Connect. This ensures compatibility between your Smartphone and the sMMI.
  7. The current software versions of the Apps and the sMMI are:

    1. Android Version 1.3.1
    2. IOS App Version 1.2 (currently no GPX import possible)
    3. sMMI Connect Version

  8. You can find more information about the App in the short guide for the sMMI Connect

 Download it now free


Arrive faster

The easy to use navigation function “Easy-Navi” is the ideal addition for touring bikers and city explorers. This function may by activated by an in-app purchase and offers worldwide maps online and offline. This is very advantageous, since the maps are available on your Smartphone without an Internet connection and without the need to constantly reload the data. This way you can find your destination even without a network!

The features

  1. Display of arrow or map navigation on the sMMI display
  2. Route planning by entering the address directly
  3. Recording and saving of routes
  4. Enhanced data analysis (altitude difference etc.)