Z20 system overview

Neodrives advantages at a glance

The neodrives system has three components: a motor, a battery and an LCD. Get to know the individual components of the drive system and their advantages. 

Riding dynamics

Riding dynamics
From 0 to 100% riding fun in 3 sec.

No e-bike motor is as powerful and smoothly operating at the same time as the neodrives drive unit. The motor is positioned directly in the rear wheel and develops power exactly where it is needed. This means that the chain, pinion etc. are not exposed to higher loads. Due to the sensitive force sensor in the motor you can clearly feel the immediate response during the acceleration process. The maximum torque of 40 Nm is always fully available to the pedelec rider, regardless of the gear selection.  This distinguishes the rear motor from the mid-drive motor.


100% quiet. Quieter than all others!

In contrast to the mid-drive motors on the market, there is no gearbox in the neodrives rear motor. Therefore, completely silent and vibration-free riding prevails through the use of the hub motor. Smooth cycling is also a matter of acoustics. The motor assistance is not betrayed immediately by loud "whirring". This contributes to a high riding quality and inspires all neodrives cyclists.

Minimum maintenance

Minimal maintenance
100% carefree riding pleasure!

The neodrives motor protects parts subject to wear, such as the chain and shifter, due to its position directly in the rear wheel. The bicycle components are therefore not stressed. For cyclists, this means fewer breakdowns, no workshop stops and thus significantly reduced maintenance and repair costs. The motor's electronics, force and speed sensors are safely integrated into the motor and thus protected.  The long maintenance intervals are particularly pleasing for frequent riders with neodrives. In addition, the neodrives drive concept is highly compatible with standard bicycle components. This means, for example, that other gearbox types can be fitted to your bicycle. neodrives guarantees you long-term spare parts supply of all components of the drive system, so that you can enjoy your pedelec for a long time. 


Energy recovery
More than 100% range!

Recharge your batteries when riding downhill! A special feature of our neodrives wheel hub motor is the possibility to recharge the battery when riding downhill through so-called recuperation. This is not only environmentally friendly but also ensures an even greater range, especially on long tours. Recuperation extends the battery range by well over 10%. At the same time, the motor serves as brake assistance in this mode and protects the brake linings of your e-bike.  The additional braking effect means additional riding comfort for neodrives riders.

E-bike brands with the neodrives system

City, trekking or cargo bike. Many bicycle manufacturers install drive systems from neodrives. Here you will find an overview of all brands.

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