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Do you have questions about our system? Maybe these answers around neodrives may already help:

The neodrives system is a product of Alber GmbH. Alber GmbH specializes on the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality electric motors that are used in electric vehicles such as bicycles and wheelchairs.

"Made in Germany" no empty promise: All our products are developed tested and manufactured in Albstadt near Stuttgart - over 80 % of all vendor parts are from Germany as well.

Yes, all three drive brands neodrives, Green Mover (Livaida models) and Xion are manufactured by Alber.

Here you will find a current list of bicycle brands using our system.

On the websites of the bicycle manufacturers that use our system you may also find a dealer search.

Unfortunately not. For liability and security reasons we do not offer our system as a retrofit kit.

The drive operates without noise and vibrations.

The neodrives drive is characterized by its harmonic, powerful if required, support.

Using the three drive modes (accessible over the sMMI menu) and five support levels, each driver may find his or her optimal road behaviour - from the allegedly week ender over the range oriented tour rider to the sportive city biker.

The road behaviour is very similar a bicycle, since the drive does not generate noise of vibrations.

Wear and tear is minimized by the use of a directly powered drive. This is one of the main advantages of the neodrives drives in comparison to standard mid-mounted motors.

While driving, the driver may choose between five support and two recuperation levels.

The driver may choose a basic drive mode in the sMMI menu - Eco, Tour or Boost.

The battery range in hilly terrain may be increased by 5% - 10% with intensive use. Great side effect: Recuperation reliefs the brakes, which wear out less quickly.

The actual range depends on several factors. A good indication for the possible range is the capacity of the battery, which is given in Wh. Compared to other options on the market, our system is offered with high capacities.

Another crucial factor for the high range is an economical motor. Our drive is a gear less motor directly integrated into the rear wheel. Power is applied directly in the rear wheel and therefore not lost in a gear, the chain or the gear shift. A very finely resolved sensor technology allows us to reach an efficiency of 82 %.

Other factors influencing the range:

  • The chosen drive mode or support level: You can reach the maximum possible range in drive mode "Eco" and support level 1.
  • Load: Driver weight + luggage
  • Driver's fitness/contribution/pedal frequency
  • Wind conditions
  • Topography of the route
  • Condition of the road
  • Air pressure in the wheels
  • Average speed
  • Number of acceleration events

Yes. The pushing aid is very helpful to overcome short, steep passages, for example at a garage driveway.

You have to disappoint you. Due to strict laws, we have protected our system against manipulation.

You may display driving instructions and for example instructions for turning and the route until your destination on your sMMI. To do this, you need an existing Bluetooth connection (as indicated by the blue Bluetooth symbol on the top right of your sMMI) and then double-click on the middle button of the remote control of the sMMI. The driving instructions appear after a short time.


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